About UUCW

“The object of this church shall be the search for truth, the examination of contemporary issues through the lens of enduring values, the development and promotion of morality, the worship of God and the service of humanity.”

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Winchendon is a congregation of welcoming, diverse, open-minded people, committed to the search for truth and serving the community around us.

It was organized as the Church of the Unity in 1866 by Unitarians who desired a liberal religious community.

Our philosophy is to actively seek exposure to as many differing ideas, concepts, and hypotheses as possible, and to provide an atmosphere for examining spiritual questions and individuality. We feel that seeking to be only with those that agree with us creates an unhealthy sectarianism.

The UUCW is administered by a Governing Board which meets once per month. The church Annual Meeting is held in May and is open to all church members. If you would like to speak with the Governing Board at one of their meetings, contact the church at 978-297-0554, or join us for Sunday worship and fellowship–all are welcome at any time.

Minister: Reverend Inanna Arthen, M.Div

Chair of the Governing Board: David Faucher

Sexton: Susan Faucher