Christmas Eve Service 2013We come together as a congregation every Sunday evening at 5:00 p.m. for worship. The root meaning of “worship” is to pay attention to those essential things of value, what is worthy, or “worth-ship.” The root of the word “religion” is religare, which means to bind up or hold together. Worship is the central activity of our faith because it is through worship, that we, bound together in community, reconnect with ultimate worth–or as one theologian said, “the ground of our being.” We worship by listening to centering music, singing together, praying, meditating or sitting in silence, offering our gifts to the church and reflecting on a wide variety of spiritual and ethical topics.

What to Expect from a typical Sunday Service

When you enter our sanctuary you will be greeted by a member and given a program or “Order of Service.” Keep it handy, because some responsive readings, hymn lyrics and other material are printed in the Order of Service for convenience. If you’re visiting us for the first time, please sign our guest book. You are invited to join us after the service for our casual potluck supper in the Parish Hall downstairs.

We use the gray Unitarian-Universalist hymnal, Singing the Living Tradition. Copies are distributed among the racks on the backs of the pews.

The service begins with a musical Prelude.
This is followed by ringing of the bell.
The speaker welcomes the congregation and reads the Opening Words (or Call to Worship).
The congregation rises to speak our congregational Chalice Lighting words as a volunteer lights the flaming chalice on the altar.
During Joys and Sorrows, congregation members are invited to share personal events and light a candle in the rack at the front of the church, if they wish.
Following a congregational Prayer, we accept the Offering, which concludes with singing our Doxology.
The speaker, RE teacher or a volunteer presents the Story for All Ages, after which the children go downstairs for church school.
Most services include three hymns and a reading and/or responsive reading which punctuate the spoken parts of the service. The musician plays an anthem after the readings.
The sermon is followed by a hymn and Closing Words (or Benediction). The service concludes with a musical Postlude.

Sample Order of Service

Our services may be led by our minister, a guest minister or a lay speaker, so there will be some variation in the Order of Service from week to week. We welcome creative ideas and different ways of presenting the main theme of the service. We occasionally host talks with an accompanying slide show for the sermon, for instance. If you would like be the speaker for a Sunday service, please contact Inanna or the Governing Board.

Once a month, we hold a Chalice Circle Service. Several times a year we hold Multigenerational Services with the children participating in the entire service.

Post-Service Potluck

Following every Sunday service, we gather for Fellowship and a light potluck meal in the Parish Hall downstairs. Usually, the potluck has a theme related to the service, but all contributions are welcome–or just bring your wonderful self!