Chalice Circle Service

A Chalice Circle service is a full Sunday worship service with all the usual components except one: a sermon. Instead of a single speaker delivering a sermon, in a Chalice Circle Service the entire congregation gathers in a circle and spends that time sharing their own reflections and thoughts on the theme of the service. No one is obligated to speak, but everyone has an opportunity to contribute if they wish.

Aside from this difference, Chalice Circle Services include a prelude, postlude, anthem and hymns, readings, a prayer, Joys and Sorrows, a Story for All Ages, Offering and congregational affirmation, and lasts as long as a traditional Sunday service.

UUCW does a Chalice Circle Service approximately once a month, usually on the first Sunday of the month. We also hold at least two Chalice Circle Services during the summer, when regular Sunday worship is on hiatus.

Sample Order of Service for a Chalice Circle Service