Multigenerational Services

UUCW is blessed to have a lot of children in our congregation. We’re planning an increasing number of multigenerational (or intergenerational) services that include the children for the entire service rather than having them go downstairs to church school after the Story for All Ages.

Planning a worship service that truly serves all ages is no small feat. At UUCW, we’re trying out services that are not only multigenerational, but multimedia. We utilize music, slide shows, video and other creative elements that help keep our younger members engaged while offering a rewarding experience to adults, as well.

Our Water Communion and Flower Communion Services, which open and close the church year, the Animal Blessing service, Easter Sunday and Christmas Eve are multigenerational services. We’ve also done a multigenerational service in October themed around Halloween/Samhain, and will be planning others.

If you have ideas for a multigenerational service or would like to plan and lead one yourself, please get in touch with Inanna or the Governing Board. We’d love to hear from you!