New Year’s Resolution: Visit a Friend

Nuggets of Gold

Day after day became monotonous,
I’ve slipped into a secure cocoon
Of each day repeating the day before.
Active? Yes, but repeating, repeating.
Same motions, same faces…depression?
I guess so, mildly.
I followed my daily routine,
Did the necessary things,
Until three very special faces
Appeared before me,
Stepped out of the not-too-distant past.
They came alone,
Had no connection with each other.
Within a week, they each met me,
Smiling, hugging,
Bringing an inner glow
I had almost forgotten.
There were as family to me –
Very special.
I became sharply aware
Of the void I had been in,
How much I had missed them.
How stupid of me
To have neglected dear friends.
I had thought of them,
Should call them, should see them.
But always some excuse
Was conveniently there.
Or, I’ll do it tomorrow.
How could I have taken
My dear friends for granted?
Where were my priorities?
I was struggling to pay my dues,
Meet my obligations,
And neglecting my most valuable possessions:
My friends – my nuggets of gold.

  • J. Patricia Holohan

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