Sunday, July 31 – 11:00 am – Sunday Worship with Pastor Inanna Arthen, “Dodging the Scary Subject”

Join us on Sunday, July 31 at 11:00 a.m. for a worship service with Pastor Inanna Arthen: “Dodging the Scary Subject”

Both Unitarian Universalists and modern Pagans tend to pride themselves as being front, center and immersed in progressive attitudes, activism, concern and empathy for the oppressed groups in our culture–African Americans, LGBTQ persons, First Nations peoples, the poor, immigrants and others. And yet, I was scheduled to teach a course at Cherry Hill Seminary last fall on “Introduction to Social Justice” and it was cancelled for lack of enrollment. Why is it that we who think we’re so progressive don’t want to talk about “social justice?”

RE Lead Teacher Kirsty Johnson Erikson will lead the RE kids in a casual class downstairs during the service, discussing the theme of “Who R UU?”. All are welcome!

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