Sunday, March 8, Sunday Worship: “Gardens of the Age of Enlightenment” with James McCrohon

Join us on Sunday, March 8 at 5:00 p.m. for a special presentation on “Gardens of the Age of Enlightenment” with UUCW member James McCrohon.

The Enlightenment or Illumination spanned the period from the early 17th Century until nearly the end of the 18th Century. During this time secular philosophers questioned many articles of religious dogma. Our contemporary code of human rights was drafted. The foundations for democratic and representative government were established as well. But this was also a time when the old order of the Catholic Church and the Aristocracy created a dynamic visual language to persuade the faithful to continue an embrace of the church and traditional hierarchical society: the Baroque. Commissions of some of the world’s greatest art, music, architecture and literature by rich patrons typify this period. The gardens of the Baroque are among the most sumptuous, captivating works of landscape architecture ever achieved; and are indeed unsurpassed today. How does the Enlightenment manifest in terms of garden design? What are the outcomes in terms of the attitudes and trends?

Following the service, join us in the Fellowship Hall for a potluck supper on the theme of “Breakfast for Dinner.” Daylight Savings Time is ending; let’s take this moment to remember spring is coming. Let’s also mourn the hour we lost this morning with a celebratory breakfast. Everyone is encouraged to bring something; no one will be turned away.

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