Sunday, January 21, 11:00 am — Sunday Worship with Rev. Inanna Arthen, “What We Think When We Think About Race”

Join us on Sunday, January 21 at 11:00 a.m. for a thoughtful Sunday worship service with Rev. Inanna Arthen inspired by Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Day: “What We Think When We Think About Race.”

From gerrymandered Congressional districts to Black Lives Matter, issues of race are influencing every aspect of our current social and political situation in America. But all too often, race and racism are “the elephants in the room” that progressive people are reluctant to talk about. How can we find a rational level of dialogue about race, and how can we find real solutions to the continuing problems African Americans face in America in 2018?

We will not have Religious Education (Sunday School) this year, as our children have moved on or moved away. If you have questions about RE, please speak to Rev. Arthen or the Governing Board. Note: young people who are able to enjoy “big church” and sincerely wish to attend the service are always welcome!

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